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Amazing video from NASA engineers of their “best of” footage of shuttle liftoff and ascent. Two of the engineers provide a detailed voice over of the video. Not to be missed for space nerds.

Recumbent TV

I just found out about an all recumbent bicycle video site, recumbent TV. There are numerous videos of rides on recumbents and video reviews of specific bikes. Very nice. If you are thinking about moving to a recumbent or a velomobile or just want to see what they look like in motion it’s worth a visit. I particularly like this video of a Leitra. My Leitra is very similar to the one in the video.

Random Act of Culture

I’m a big fan of Improv Everywhere and their random events, especially their musicals. Here’s a whole different spin on this.
Macy’s in Philadelphia is in the Wanamaker Building which is the only department store I know of that has its own pipe organ. This is the store the movie Mannequin was filmed in. It’s huge with a huge multi-story atrium. It’s a real neat place to visit if you are ever in Philadelphia.
Recently, 600 choristers from a number of local choirs mingled with the crowds and broke into the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah. They are the folks with the buttons on in the video below. Enjoy!

Whatever Lola wants…

Some entertainment for your Friday afternoon…
I saw this on Vicent Laforet’s blog. Dan Blank made a 1950’s style movie trailer and a companion “making of” video.
When I was in high school I thought about going to film school and did some stop motion animation. Looking at what one can do now using modern digital cameras and software just blows my mind…

The Satin Dollz in “Whatever Lola Wants” from Dan Blank on Vimeo.