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Third Time’s the Charm

I wrote in a previous blog about commuting to work by velomobile. I found writing just about the Leitra a bit confining and wanted a broader scope. 🙂 So, here it is. This blog will be about bike commuting, managing a technical team, photography and other random things. It’s about trips that take some effort and by expending the effort the traveler learns and grows.
Along the way, I upgraded my server to OS X Lion and lost the nice Apple provided Blog tools. 🙁 So, I took the advice of my friend Hal Stern and made the jump to WordPress. My third blog platform. It’s pretty slick. So I imported most of my previous blog posts into this one. I think this will carry me for a while.

Random Act of Culture

I’m a big fan of Improv Everywhere and their random events, especially their musicals. Here’s a whole different spin on this.
Macy’s in Philadelphia is in the Wanamaker Building which is the only department store I know of that has its own pipe organ. This is the store the movie Mannequin was filmed in. It’s huge with a huge multi-story atrium. It’s a real neat place to visit if you are ever in Philadelphia.
Recently, 600 choristers from a number of local choirs mingled with the crowds and broke into the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah. They are the folks with the buttons on in the video below. Enjoy!

RSS Graffiti

I’ve been redistributing my previous blog to Facebook via the built-in RSS to notes importer. This had been working well up until a week or two ago.
Shortly after I started this blog, I noticed that my postings were not being picked up by the importer and didn’t appear on Facebook. I tried to re-setup the importer and got errors. Apparently a recent update to Facebook broke the importer. Thankfully a college friend of mine, Hal Stern, was having the same problem. He found a new tool for distributing RSS feeds to Facebook, RSS Graffiti. Switching to RSS Graffiti is simple. It offers several handy formatting options and as Hal pointed out, even displays useful error messages making it more tool than toy.
Highly recommended if you distribute your RSS feed to Facebook and have been wondering why it hasn’t been showing up lately.