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Internet with Frickin’ Lasers

MetroNet’s second commercial installation in the Lafayette area (or so the installer guys said) is in my basement. It’s very fast, especially to the Purdue campus. If you get MetroNet’s service in West Lafayette, you can add a symmetric 100 Mb/s service to campus to your connection for $10. Four router hops to systems on campus. Very nice.

You can find a good technical introduction to the fiber technology MetroNet is deploying in this presentation to the Greater Lafayette Information Technical Society from 2011.

Network termination board

Network Termination Board in my basement

The picture is of my network termination board next to the equipment rack in the basement. The MetroNet optical network terminal (ONT) is the big grey box in the middle of the picture. The little grey box to the upper right is the old DSL termination box which was retired when I moved to Comcast. The dark grey, almost black box above the ONT is the Comcast cable modem. Once the fiber gets buried in the yard, I’ll retire the Comcast connection.

Duplicate Keys from Photos

Now there’s a web site that allows you to upload photos of a key and have them create a duplicate and mail it to you. Yikes! What could possibly go wrong?
I guess it’s time to think about upgrading my locks and start being a lot more careful about who I lend my keys to and where I leave them.


After a great deal of frustration with the official Facebook/Wordpress plugin, I’m moving to to integrate by blog with twitter and Facebook. If you see this on Facebook, then it has worked.

Right, Cheyenne?

Good dog.