Cars on Campus #4

It’s the Banana Mobile!

Banana Mobile

Banana Mobile

Banana Mobile

Banana Mobile at stop light?

One of the local rental property management companies uses a banana as their logo and has a truck frame modified with a fiberglass banana body. I managed to catch it while I was riding back to work after lunch with my wife.

Almost ready…

My dream of getting back into native american dancing is getting closer. I am close to having all the parts needed for my fancy dance outfit in useable shape. I checked how it all fit together recently and here’s how it looks.

Fancy Dance Outfit 2014-09-21

Test fit of my fancy dance outfit

I’m a lot happier than I look in the photo! Many of the outfit parts are 30+ years old so I’m amazed and glad they are still in workable shape and still fit, especially my lovely, and loud cow bells. I need to clean up the placement of the ties for back bustles and get used to the new feather whips.

There are several things yet to fix, refurbish or outright replace with items more in keeping with a modern era outfit. One I’m working now on is attaching rosettes to the two arm and two back bustles. You can just glimpse the cardboard stand-in for a rosette on my left arm in the picture above. It looks much better with the rosette attached.

Arm Bustle with Rosette

Arm Bustle with Rosette

Having just joined the Tecumseh Lodge after enjoying a brief visit to their powwow in August, I’m planning to go to their October craft meeting and dance practice. I’m hoping to have enough of the fancy outfit ready to take it with me and dance in it. That would be the first time I’d done that in something like 30 years! I’m looking forward to it and to their large social dance this winter.

Cars on Campus #2

Unknown model Ferrari, 2013-04-23


I saw this Ferrari parked behind the Krannert Building last April. There are occasionally some really beautiful vehicles back there, presumably owned by successful MBAs. I really love the bright yellow paint job and the easily visible rear engine with the classic red Ferrari manifold.



Does anyone know what model Ferrari this is? If so, please leave me a comment!

Cars on Campus #1

Walking around the Purdue University campus, I’m always amazed at some of the impressive cars students, faculty and staff drive. To document some of those lovely rides, I’m starting a new series, “Cars on Campus” that will include a picture of car I saw on campus.

To start this series, feast your eyes on this white Lotus Evora I caught on campus the end of August.

Lotus Evora 1 Lotus Evora 2

Guardians of the Galaxy

I really enjoyed watching Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend. What follows is not a review, per se, but more my thoughts on what made this movie entertaining for me. It includes spoilers, so if you have not seen the movie yet and want to avoid seeing a spoiler, stop reading now.

Spoiler Alert Warning Symbol

Spoiler Alert Warning

The first thing that comes to mind are the 80’s references. The movie makes good use of a collection of 70’s and 80’s music to set the mood, help define the character of Peter Quill and break the dramatic tension. Quill’s precious cassette tape Walkman is delightfully retro, forms a critical link to his mother and somehow fits right in. Having lived through that era and knowing the music made the movie connect with me. How he manages to have a pair of those foam-covered head phones with the foam still intact after all these years is beyond me.

The second thing is the connections to the rest of the Marvell universe. Sure, there’s the usual Stan Lee cameo. But we also see Thanos, tying us back to the scene at the end of the credits for “The Avengers”. And perhaps more importantly, the infinity stones are introduced, complete with a visual cue suggesting the glowing blue cube from the Captain American and Avengers university is an infinity stone itself. I like the way Marvell is making is harder to miss any of their movies by sprinkling links to the greater Marvell universe in them. Cleaver marketing guys.

Third, there’s the scene at the end of the credits with Howard to Duck. Wow! Howard the Duck was the first Marvell comic character to be turned into a feature film and it also almost drove it’s producer, George Lucas, into bankruptcy. And it’s an awful movie. Don’t watch it. Unless you like to laugh at b-grade Sci Fi.

Finally, the movie seemed to have this really nice balance of seriousness and humor. Not too dark, not too goofy. In short, fun. Just what a summer movie should be.

Computable – iPython for the iPad

Now there’s a full featured iPython implementation for the iPad called Computable. It includes NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib and Pandas. It supports the creation of iPython notebooks that you can then share. This is a handy tool when a typical scientific calculator or spreadsheet just won’t cut it. Recommended.
NB: Sadly, due to Apple’s restrictions on apps and executable code (including scripts) the app is not able to download or sync iPython notebooks. I understand and agree with the restriction from a security standpoint, but it does limit the usefulness of a tool like Computable.