Monthly Archives: July 2013

Duplicate Keys from Photos

Now there’s a web site that allows you to upload photos of a key and have them create a duplicate and mail it to you. Yikes! What could possibly go wrong?
I guess it’s time to think about upgrading my locks and start being a lot more careful about who I lend my keys to and where I leave them.

Sikorsky Prize falls!

One of the things got me into riding human powered vehicles was watching a NOVA episode on the Kremer prize for human powered flight. One of the MIT professors involved in that effort was riding a recumbent bike in several of the videos, something I had never seen at the time, and I fell in love with the idea.

Today, the Sikorsky Prize for a human powered helicopter has been won by a Canadian startup company Aerovelo. You can read about it here. Congratulations!