Velomobile + Hill = Speed

I’ve not spent a lot of time seeing how fast I can ride downhill with my Leitra, but it sure is fun. I’ve exceeded 50 MPH on a previous trike I owned on a hill outside of Americus, IN.
This blog entry¬†talks about one of the benefits of velomobiles, speed. It’s all about aerodynamics and efficiency. Here in Indiana, I notice this most on windy days. The Leitra makes head winds up to about 10 MPH hardly noticeable in terms of changes in speed or effort, although you do notice the extra air blowing through the air vents. At higher wind speeds, you can notice an increase in effort and a bit of extra down force on the front of the trike due to the wind pressure on the nose of the fairing.
It sure would be a fun to have a hill like the one in the video below to roll down. The Mango with the camera on it reaches about 63 MPH according to the blog entry I noted above which is the source of the video.