Camera Equipment

I bought a new Manfrotto tripod today to do some portrait work and shoot an audition video for my daughter. I rarely use a tripod. I like to wander about when I shoot stills and I rarely shoot video. My previous tripod was a small pocketable model that I used mostly for self timed shots. It was limited by design to be light and easy to carry.
Wow. The new tripod is a huge step up. I went ahead and got a model with removable heads and put a ball pivot still camera head on it. The head has a one hand grip that releases it to move in all directions for quick adjustments. I can buy a fluid head for video work if I start getting more serious about that. For the moment, the video work is simply a head and shoulders shot.
A real camera geek candy store of gear can be found on Vincent Laforet’s gear page. It’s a tempting but enjoyable read.