Monthly Archives: October 2010

Camera Equipment

I bought a new Manfrotto tripod today to do some portrait work and shoot an audition video for my daughter. I rarely use a tripod. I like to wander about when I shoot stills and I rarely shoot video. My previous tripod was a small pocketable model that I used mostly for self timed shots. It was limited by design to be light and easy to carry.
Wow. The new tripod is a huge step up. I went ahead and got a model with removable heads and put a ball pivot still camera head on it. The head has a one hand grip that releases it to move in all directions for quick adjustments. I can buy a fluid head for video work if I start getting more serious about that. For the moment, the video work is simply a head and shoulders shot.
A real camera geek candy store of gear can be found on Vincent Laforet’s gear page. It’s a tempting but enjoyable read.

RSS Graffiti

I’ve been redistributing my previous blog to Facebook via the built-in RSS to notes importer. This had been working well up until a week or two ago.
Shortly after I started this blog, I noticed that my postings were not being picked up by the importer and didn’t appear on Facebook. I tried to re-setup the importer and got errors. Apparently a recent update to Facebook broke the importer. Thankfully a college friend of mine, Hal Stern, was having the same problem. He found a new tool for distributing RSS feeds to Facebook, RSS Graffiti. Switching to RSS Graffiti is simple. It offers several handy formatting options and as Hal pointed out, even displays useful error messages making it more tool than toy.
Highly recommended if you distribute your RSS feed to Facebook and have been wondering why it hasn’t been showing up lately.

Whatever Lola wants…

Some entertainment for your Friday afternoon…
I saw this on Vicent Laforet’s blog. Dan Blank made a 1950’s style movie trailer and a companion “making of” video.
When I was in high school I thought about going to film school and did some stop motion animation. Looking at what one can do now using modern digital cameras and software just blows my mind…

The Satin Dollz in “Whatever Lola Wants” from Dan Blank on Vimeo.